• Face-to-face (Huddersfield) or Online
  • Short and long term therapy with adults
  • Free preliminary chat to discuss your needs
  • £50 per session

How can counselling help you?

When personal problems become unmanageable the first step is to recognise you need to seek help. Any decision to have counselling is a courageous move towards understanding your situation, facing your problems and making changes. This may be accompanied by anxiety and doubts about  talking to a complete stranger about personal matters and moving into unknown territory.

It is important to choose a therapist you feel comfortable with.

During life we all face challenges and sometimes can feel overwhelmed – by anxiety, pressure, loss, change, conflict, work stress, low mood or unmanageable mood swings, emotional distress, past life events or traumatic experiences which still trouble us.

Equally we might find ourselves at a crossroads or facing life transitions and need space to explore our choices and what is most meaningful for us. Sometimes we face work challenges, such as work-related stress, difficult working relationships and want to address our work-life balance.

In these situations, it is often beneficial to speak to a caring, interested and neutral “other” – a professional, somebody not otherwise connected with your life, someone who is committed to help you find your way through.

My approach is to offer kindness and acceptance of each individual. You can be assured of

    • a respectful and non judgemental approach
    • meeting in a setting which offers space and calm to reflect
    • working in a spirit of collaboration and compassion
    • going at a pace you are comfortable with

Counselling is a talking therapy designed to support your own pathway towards insight and healing. Our work together will support you to build a stronger sense of resourcefulness and wellbeing. It may involve some uncomfortable challenges along the way, but ultimately empower you to move forwards with your life.

This process takes time, patience and a willingness to explore whatever may be holding you back in life. Sometimes this includes events from childhood, the past or the impact of traumatic experiences, as well as current dilemmas. Learning some practical mindfulness and self-compassion skills is often very helpful in supporting the process of therapy.

Living well.. Living Mindfully.. Living Heartfully..

I thought the sessions were sensitively and professionally handled.  I was made to feel welcome and supported throughout